Worst Dresses at all for celebrities at Cannes 2014

Always keen designers at Cannes that Abehroa world designs that are manufactured specifically for the brightest of stars, but one mistake may make them fall under the list of the worst designs in international festivals.

The published report provides in becomegorgeous site a list of more fashion which was described as the worst in Cannes this year, comes in front, composed of Russian, "Elena Lenina," which was selected for the dress worn by Western and incomprehensible at all as she has chosen her hair way more unusual to put on released list unchallenged.

The French actress, "Marion Cotillard" views unconventional has chosen to have wanted to appear Legend this dress, color is not appropriate at all for the festival, such as "he", as well as supermodel Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio was definitely could have worn a better fashion, but it was her choice here misplaced bounced dress mixing of heavy decoration as well not bother him many details acceded to this list.

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