The worst and the most beautiful views of the artists at the conclusion of the Cairo Film Festival .

Views of distinctive and different and upscale and bad for artists at the conclusion of the Cairo International Film Festival at its eighth session, which saw a crowd and attracted intense of artists and celebrities, who chose their clothes very carefully for the emergence of the most beautiful panoramic views in the last day of the festival.

And defeated the black color of most of the artists dresses, Vtolguet some of them in black ownership of views, came others bad views are not worthy of them and Bshiakthn usual, and many of the stars who participated at the conclusion of events Almehrjat accompanied by their children, such as Fifi Abdo artist who escorted her daughter and wearing a same dress.
In a different snapshot keen Sama Egyptian controversial to come to the conclusion of the activities of the Cairo Film Festival, in defiance of the Department of the festival, after the announcement of not invited to attend the opening ceremony, showed Sama during their passage on the red carpet, invite the opening and closing the festival for denying its presence without an invitation, and wore the star dress shorts in order to avoid falling again, as happened at the opening ceremony.
And distinctive views of the stars, starred actress Elham Shahin long black embroidered in gold from the front Pfstan highlights of elegance and beauty, also starred actress Manal Salama White Pfstan in black fluffy hair and a simple hairstyle to appear like a queen on the red carpet.
The singer Yasmin Sabri dress "Pink" is finely highlighted her beauty and femininity and debut characteristic has chosen since it entered the world of art and representation, also starred actress Bushra in a black dress in golden hairstyle Mmoumh, making the pioneers of social networking sites Ahbhunha Balphenanp Sherihan, while Angie submitted starred long dress in black satin and lace.
And deliberately actress Fifi Abdu and her daughter appearing in the same term Afattsan black and standing next to each other on the red carpet and take a picture for them They make Adahma salute, while the artist Mirhan Hussein starred in a golden dress ever long tail hairstyle simple hair.
Also starred actress Nahed Sebaey Pfstan Black Cap embroidered on the chest and a distinctive hairstyle, which won the Best Actress Award at the Cairo International Film Festival for her role in the film "Days of Stat" Poster in the official competition of the festival.
As for the unexpected appearances of some of the women who appeared in Pfsatan they did not highlight their beauty and Xiakthn usual artists, bounced artist Sama Egyptian dress shorts impressively anthropomorphic and narrow and striking, as presenter Angie wore a dress "built" shorts shown like fat.
The young actress wore a dress Rania Mansour Move color gloss usual beauty and elegance does not appear, as well as Syrian actress Sarah Palm, which Talt Pfstan red in golden shoulder off dress but Talt formerly the most beautiful views of these.

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