The causes of nail-biting

Nail-biting is the behavior of nail biting behaviors undesirable widely shared between adults and children, as they cause significantly damaging the structure of the nail build and shape, leading to the weakening and weakening its ability to protect the soft part of the finger, and this behavior is evolving and increasingly dangerous in case of swallowing the person of the nail Almqdomh, or heading for biting skin appendages surrounding the nail, according to global statistics, 50% of children in late adolescence childhood they bite their nails, and less than the ratio at puberty to become 23% and stops the majority of them from biting their nails when they reach 30 of age, be a majority percentage for those over thirty bite their nails for males than for females, may develop in some cases to include other behaviors, such as hair wrapped around the fingers, skin or disk, or plucking eyebrows and eyelashes. The causes of nail-biting Some resort to nail biting as a way to dispose of cases of stress, anxiety, and stress they are experiencing. Behavior in some children appear in early childhood, this behavior continues involuntarily until adulthood and becomes a natural behavior for them and that they do almost daily. Continuous and lasting deal with someone who is constantly biting his nails helps in the absorption of these behaviors and imitated, especially in children. The child or adolescent desire to strain the attention of his parents to him by undesirable behaviors Vilji to nail biting. Accident painless. Sharp focus or depth to think about something, the person begins to bite his nails without feeling it has finished biting his nails and are busy with something else without paying attention to that from happening. Tips to get rid of nail-biting wrapped duct tape nail area to prevent access and claimed by. Take care of the nail and push and put nail polish, it has a strong taste causes of nail polish in the mouth to stop nail biting, and men can use nails Tonic transparent coating. Knowledge of neurological reasons that cause tension and anxiety person and lead him to bite his nails, with a repeated attempt to get rid of these reasons, and stay away from them. Switching nail-biting habit etc. It is better to be a healthy habit, such as hands occupancy playing Palmajunh. Cleaning through the use of strong-smelling cleaners attached by hand for a long time, which makes the taste of the fingers un dramatically. Wear special gloves though the wintertime. Preoccupation with new hobbies and activities you need to use your hands, such as drawing. Installation of artificial fingernails so as to prevent access to and claimed by the nails.

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