Malt benefits for slimming

Barley a grain types and which have been used since time immemorial in the food and drink whether it's to humans or animals, or birds, and using barley The love as is or Mtahona or boiled or soaked each according to need him, where you see used in barley bread industry or cool drink, which we will talk about at length. Benefits of Barley and Malt ratio mostly from malt syrup is water which is beneficial for the body and cleanses the body of toxins. It contains a large proportion of carbohydrates, and thus facilitates the process of digestion and absorption of the body and stimulates the diuresis. It contains a small percentage of fat and thus maintains the cardiovascular health and prevents atherosclerosis. Malt syrup has a good percentage of the material folic acid which is very necessary, especially for the fetus in the belly of a pregnant woman, a substance that prevents spinal deformity of the fetus. Malt syrup Alsairaly contain a high proportion of fiber, which is a natural laxative for the body and prevent constipation. It contains a substance selenium a substance that keeps the skin, skin and this article prevents tumors, such as skin cancer, and also Albrootistata cancer, and other cancers. Barley drink made from barley resistant and anti-oxidant materials which contain very useful to the human body because it is resistant to many diseases and malignant tumors. It contains metal zinc is necessary for the healing of diseases quickly. It contains a copper component is useful for hair to make a freshness and natural hair color always. It contains iron material, a substance that prevents anemia and anemia. Malt syrup, barley contains beta glucan fiber, which is in turn reduces the absorption of substances that cause high blood sugar and thus maintain normal levels of sugar in the blood and the body. It contains ample amounts of vitamin C, which increases the strength of the immune system. Barley and Malt rich in phosphorus, which protects the teeth and bones and keeps them intact without any problems. Cleaner and disinfectant and organizer of the urinary system and protect it from a lot of diseases. Eating drenched Malt regulates blood pressure and being so generates urine, and prevents high blood pressure. Malt syrup is very useful for the kidneys and is a kidney stone. Malt benefits for slimming works to break up and remove fat, especially from the abdomen and buttocks area. It works on the fullness of the stomach and filling the appetite for food and thus a feeling of fullness. Burn fat in the body and is super fast. Malt syrup contains fewer calories than any other drink. Action Malt Ingredients half a kilo of barley way. Three liters of water. Sugar to taste (for those who want a sweet taste). How to prepare barley wash well. Keep barley with water and Ngleh well that bloom grain of barley. Set aside to cool, then we start taking it every day quantity of malt. If we wanted sweet, add a little sugar to him, but here it will be a lighter impact on slimming because sugar is a high-calorie.

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