Makeup tips for resisting temperature in summer

In the summer the girls dreamed Bmacaiaj fixed Aysel because of the heat and sweat, and you Macaiajk remains constant throughout the day and is not affected by moisture, heat these tips:
1. Use Serum reduces the secretion of skin oils after washing the face in the morning before make-up.
2. Make sure to use the Premier lotion "primer" before the foundation cream or put Alkoncelr It helps to make the cream base and colors of your make-up lasts a long time. Apply a small amount to the size of a pea of ​​this lotion on your skin after moistened directly and use fairly mild free of oil altogether.
3. Use a light cream base composition containing silicon material, Valselkon be a thin insulating layer on the skin to prevent moisture from reaching them, which protects the Quran from gonorrhea or melting. Try lotion Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation or CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup.
4. Apply a small amount of cream base on the skin and use a damp sponge and put it in and leave for a few minutes until the skin is absorbed by the rest of makeup mode, this helps to prevent him from gonorrhea and agglomeration with sweat.
5. Use a shadow creamy texture on the skin they merge with the skin does not clump like other species. Try under the eyelids Laura Mercier Satin? E Cr? Me Eye Colour It contains silicon, which retains the color on the skin as long as possible under the eyelids or Try Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow / Liners which remains on the skin for hours without runny.
6. Seek the help of pens Alai for Inner liquid rather than dry it more stable on the skin in the summer is not flowing due to the heat and sweat.
7. In the event that you Tmutiran to use mascara, it is better to resort to the types of water-resistant, such as Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara or Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara. These types will resist water and sweat, even if used in the gym or in the pool.
8. Apply this rule in mind: the powder formulations are not consistent with the sweat and moisture as they quickly clump or melt on the skin, here it is advisable to purchase the shadows of the cheeks, which is characterized by the composition or creamy texture that comes gel. Choose Looney pink and peach their positions in summer makeup bag and contented himself put color on the apple cheek and distribute good hands.
9. Instead of using lip gloss, which is volatile rapidly in summer, use a moisturizer for the lips colored a rich textured wax to ensure a long stay on the lips. Try Aveda Lip Tints SPF 15 or Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupt? Gloss Sticks.
10. Use a translucent powder free on your face after placing your make-up to reduce gloss which occurs when the skin secretion of oils and sweat than in the summer, take a large brush. Put in this powder and Enjoy dry texture despite the high humidity.
11. Finally, instead of re-setting the powder several times to resist the race oils, with a tissue Keep absorbents for oils such as Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets and Astkhaddmiha until needed, they will absorb excess oils without spoiling your make-up

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