Important information for all skin types

Skin the focus of attention of people who see it as the start of beauty, they are pure Kgulwb owners and reflect the beautiful internally not Imitklh everyone. From here begins to interest in this beauty to maintain, so it is to identify the group to which it belongs skin helps in determining the skin that you should follow to ensure the freshness of your skin and orient care routine, attributed skin type to genetic factors and hormone levels and lifestyle.
 Elaborating on all types of skin and what distinguishes health and therapeutic sound and ways to take care of them, cash / Madam you this information:
Natural skin (Regular)
Normal skin, for lucky enough to possess looks soft and rigid texture at the same time, there is no greasy or dry, or spots or blisters, or the problems of space, it is common in children, but a few in adults
How to take care of it
- Nzviha well using an appropriate detergent, at least once a day.
 Choose a moisturizer Khvava-.
- Put him generous and protective of the sun when you go out of the house to protect it from sun damage.
Oily skin (oily)
Can skin appear mentally after sexual maturity, where the level of hormones result in changes to increase the amount of substance sebum produced making it oily skin, with the pores of the phenomenon and the appearance of iridescent tendency to pimples or acne, but the mental complexion feature reflected in Amitha to wrinkles at a later age therefore we look more for longer
How to take care of it
- Use a special detergent fatty skin.
Not Tafrti in cleaning the skin in an attempt to get rid of sebum, it simply stimulates the sebaceous glands.
Use a cushion for the skin or a holding material after cleaning to improve the appearance of large pores.
Put a thin layer of your oily skin moisturizer.
Try to address skin problems as they arise, including spree spots or stains, it prevents the aggravation of the problem.
Put the lotion non-oily protective of the sun when you go out of the house.
Dry skin
Dry skin tends to contain cracked and Hymenolepis easily spots, she infrastructure minutes and the small pores and feel it tight when cleaned, it is more likely to have signs of premature aging such as lines and wrinkles, rarely spots show where but prone to itching and raving.
How to take care of it
- Aatmda detergent-free soap, if you feel that your skin becomes tight after washing with soap.
Use a good moisturizer, especially in very dry areas Try more powerful moisturizer at night.
If you love the soothing effect of the skin after cleansing Avoid alcohol-based species because they dried too much.
Use cream for the eyes from an early age.
Put the lotion is always protective of the sun when you go out of the house.
Sensitive Skin
It is similar to dry skin, a kind that tends to show the veins and broken detection sensitivity to perfumes and cosmetics, which are typically characterized by a very ruddy color in the cheeks, it can be very cold weather or very hot exacerbate their problems.
How to take care of it
- Choose a free skin odors anti-allergy care to reduce the chances of roses adverse reaction products.
Apply a thick layer of cream moisturizer on the cheeks to prevent broken veins.
Do not use the holding or refreshing material.
Use a generous and protective of the sun Anti-allergy whenever I came out of the house.
Composite skin (mixed)
It's probably the most common, especially among the applicants in a lifetime kind is the midsection of the face of any forehead, nose and chin greasy and more coarse than the rest of the face. The cheeks and be ordinary or Gavin. The composite skin susceptible to stains from time to time.
How to take care of it
- Clean your face and the product is free from soap to prevent dehydration dry places more and avoid stimulating the sebaceous glands.
Put a layer of cream on dry places. And use a product when necessary in light oily places.
Try holding materials or refreshing oily places to improve skin combination.
Use a generous and protective of the sun when you go out of the house.
These minute details of progress for all sound how to preserve the skin and find out what suits them from the other, so Padre Madam knowing your skin type and its advantages and how to take care of it and being abreast of new, skin care, to keep up the secrets of your beauty.

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