How to make kohl

Arab women known since ages value the beauty of her eyes and gravity owned by Arab women and the charm of her eyes, as the Arab women rose to prominence Balihur a whites of the eyes net with the severity of the majority of the color of her eyes, beauty of the eyes and Sharhama of the most important elements of beauty and excitement, reflect the personality of women's eyes so every woman is keen on highlighting the care and beauty of her eyes, put make-up on the strong eye area and eyelids, characterized by Arab women put kohl black when the eyelids area and some Arab countries calling kohl name Alkjl, all combined beautify the eye and highlight detail. Kohl and because of the basic things of beauty Eve I can not give it up, so I'll give you a way to make kohl at home: for making kohl materials: the nucleus of olive and an unspecified quantity of this according to what you need from the kohl. We need to pass the kernel, it must be the same amount of olive nucleus. Grains of cloves. Grain of black pepper. Drops of olive oil. Made the way we put the nucleus of dates and olive Bmqlah on the backburner and then put beads cloves and black pepper and drops of olive oil, stirring until Atahmass, does not need a long time to Atahmass, then we put Balmedk and Ntahnh well, then we get a piece of cloth White Ngrpl kohl, and the remaining re-grinding it again, and then we put mailbox glass sealed to maintain its quality for as long as possible, in this way can Hakza for a year. And put a small amount of kohl mailbox kohl own use helps the Arab kohl to cure eye diseases and heartburn caused by heat and fatigue and exhaustion so it's properties also filter whites of the eyes are very clear manner and expansion Mthat eye and give the desired eye beauty. Another way to make kohl: bring a stone's kohl congregation, and we put it on the backburner with the addition of drops of olive oil and Tkulaibh Balstmrar until homogeneous material with each other, then Ngrplh white gauze then put mailbox kohl own and use it any time you need.

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