How to make a holiday birthday gift

How birthday holiday gift manufactures always try when approaching Birthdays our friends or loved ones to express our love and Modtna through the gift we choose for them, then we are very careful to pick and choose the gift the best and most attractive, we can we buy something expensive, but not necessarily valuables be able to express our feelings that we carry to somebody, so we go to another option is to hand the gift industry, we are with this option does not make a gift of rigid tools only but evoke the feeling of doing so and strive as much as possible to come up with something beautiful, and in this article we will show the modus operandi of some simple things to ensure Ba.e. our comrades. Action carrier pens tools: an empty metal tray. Cloth by the graphics are nice. Shed color suitable for the color of the cloth. Bar meter. Needle and thread to sew. glue. a pair of scissors. Mode of action: We take the enclosure standards. Lack of cloth according to standards that have been taken. Nget cloth cut. We typecasting caddy cloth from abroad. Put glue on the walls of the enclosure from the inside. We bend the rest of the cloth and inserted into the enclosure to stick with glue and steadies. Alhbrh link in the fair enclosure in the form of Bbionh. Making Memories tools Character: Cardboard. Ruler. pencil. Glue. a pair of scissors. Colored paper. Shed. Old photos to a friend printed on paper. Mode of action: draw on the carton character that begins its friendly English name. Lack of character decree on the carton to become three-dimensional. Put glue on the entire character. Run colored paper around the character quickly to glue sticks, (can use different colors in the same stereo). Put a little glue on the different parts of the character after. Nlsq old photos in a place filled with glue. Wait drought crafts. Linking Alhbrh around the perimeter of the character. Doll-making tools: football mystical color you want. Cartons scissors. pencil. Glue. Kuban his constituency, one smaller than the other. Two balls teaspoons white color. Mode of action: draw a circle on the carton using a large cup, then draw another circle using the cup with a smaller circle. Carton lack of space outside the large circle, and we also cut the cardboard in an area inside the smaller circle, to get the ring. We work another episode. Keep the first episode above the other. Keep the thread fleece inside the ring, and start lap around the ring to be filled. A shortage of wool semiperimeter episode that we finish it. We bring another thread wool and link it between the two rings, lest moves Wool. Two guest cardboard, identifies for us a ball of wool. Draw in the fair each ball circuit and Andallha in black, to form eyes on the ball and then Nlsqhma wool.

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