How proves fragrance on the body

Each person is characterized by the selection of Nu p favorite fragrance has suited his taste, his character, every kind of perfume imparts a special owner, whether woman or man to the touch, a woman with strong personal need to fragrance, which is characterized by a strong smell type, but quiet woman needs to light the quiet perfume focus, while for women with a nervous mood or severe somewhat must use a special type of perfume that sends calm, comfort and tranquility spirit erosion feel at all times to relax, for working women by matching fragrance type mixed with the scent of flowers spring with lilac, there are many kinds of perfumes, including allelic quiet and romantic day and lively. As for the man: it is different from the composition of his character for women entirely so also vary the perfume of their own in terms of mood or calm, but confined to certain combinations fit the man and his character practical course the mood, ladies materials cosmetic and especially perfumes in a remarkable and unique, and this large, where interesting shows the well-chosen fragrance type is expressing itself on the woman's personality and the extent of her taste and interest of elegance and beauty, expend elegant lady on smell the fragrance time on her body as long as possible to remain distinct and confident its steps, but you get what you would like done to you Madam follow several steps to keep up on the scent best perfume on your body. For the purchase of the best perfume should be chosen carefully and fits your personality as we mentioned earlier. Madam, you pay attention to are not exposed to large bottle of perfume or fall so as not to lose their aromatic molecules special time odor. Preferably with a fragrance to clean and moisturize the body (ie after taking a warm bath until blooming skin pores and be flexible and enters fragrance Palmsamat and keeps the body moisture and coolness and recovery for a long time. Sprinkle perfume on certain places in the body which places the movement and places of the heart beat and be as follows on the wrists with no rubbing so as not to break sensitive molecules, and behind the ears, elbows and behind the knee, this is one of the most areas be that keeps the smell of perfume time, and if you want to get the smell of perfumed hair just spray a little perfume the air and walking calmly toward the spray lightly all to touch your hair Odzaiih. to give a final touch to your beauty add fragrance to your clothes from home and at the neck, and get out of the house and confidence Taatmlkk and sure of your best perfume accompany you all the time.

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