First comment Amr Youssef on the news of his marriage Kinda Alloush

Announced Egyptian actor Amr Youssef, officially, its association with the Syrian artist, Kinda Alloush, days after his silence, without being subjected to confirm or deny the news circulated by the media in this regard.
And the dissemination of Amr on his personal networking site in the "Instagram", an image collected Pkindh, and commented on by saying: "All of my family and my friends and your joy Habaybe Pena increased the joy a thousand times, love hyphen us and above what Mfarhana imagine."
Amr added Yusuf Egyptian dialect "Thank you Thank you Thank you for your love and support non-expired .. Thanks for all friend Park and each one and one from the public Farahlna of his heart, I wish if I appreciate thank you one and one name Thanks to everyone who Pthabna and Ptdamna of her heart pages, whether on Facebook or Instagram ".
He continued, "Finally, thanks to all respectable journalist away from rumors and accuracy in his words, the origin of the rumors Keteer Atqalt wrong Bs Antua Arefana Mbrdash them Bs generally Sipchem you Pferankm joy of this world."
He concluded by saying, "they claimed to us and say, God bless them and bless them and gather them into good."
You are rumors have long, on Monday, after finally appearing extensively during the Cairo Film Festival, public places and private occasions for many artists, which increased speculation about the existence of a link between a love story or a relationship.
Kinda Alloush was married to scriptwriter Golden Knight, divorce was about 9 months ago, while Amr Youssef split from former fiancee Mai Nour El-Sherif, the daughter of the late artist Nour El-Sherif years ago.
The Amr Youssef Kinda Alloush together jointly by the two works technicians, two film "Bertita," and one film properly.
Amr Youssef was born December 23, 1981, he began his career in the advertising model in the video clip songs, even by Nour El-Sherif to the public in a series of "Dali" in 2007.
In 2009, AMR participated in the series "girl Hanim Pasha," starring with actress Hanan Turk, in the same year his first film made "Mold thieves."
In 2013 he made a series of "friendly fire," which co-starred Menna Shalabi, and Rania Youssef Kinda Alloush.
BMI was associated with Nour El-Sherif, after a period of courtship we announced in 2011 to annul an engagement.
The Kinda Alloush are born in March 1982 27, worked as a writer journalist in the beginning, and I graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, she worked as a director to assist in the cinema, and then selected by the producer Rasha Sharbatji to do his first roles in the series "soft thorns.

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