Cupcake cocoa

0.5 cup cocoa
0.5 cups sugar
0.5 cups milk
0.5 cup oil
0.5 cups milk
3 eggs
1 cup flour and text
Hanging large Bkenj Powder
Chanet cream for garnish
Teaspoon Vanlia
Pinch of salt
How to prepare
We put all of the ingredients derived sugar, cocoa oil, milk and hit them very Kois and after the piece Nakhadd of this component is a cup and put it in Altlajh
And then put the eggs on the remaining and put Alvanlia and hit them Kues
In another container, put the flour, baking powder and sprinkled with salt and Nqlbhm Kues been put other component and turn the
And put in the molded cupcake painted obesity and still fit the oven Gheit nonself
After that we get decent Chanet and keep him from remaining in the cup Altlajh part to give Alon structures Alkakaoy and decorate the face and felicitously

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