Colors that suit dark-skinned

God created the Almighty in different colors, some of which is skinned brunette us what is a white skin, and there are russet and blond and various other skin colors, and that God created the standards of beauty degrees, and remained Nase sought in order to obtain the degree of beauty fascinates everyone and that Mrs. always looking for beauty and elegance, as we know, the color consistency is one of the most important foundations to the underlying beauty of a woman, always tries woman has to choose clothes that match the color of her skin, it is also trying to choose clothes that fit the shape of her body and the extent of Badantha or Nhaftha, and the most common mistakes among women are not choosing colors that match the color of the skin, Ms. Vtakhtar different colors which does not increase its beauty but lacks. Of the simplest examples to choose clothes that Ms. toxicity may not wear light-colored, which may increase the Badantha, and Ms. thin may not wear clothes with dark color which gives the body Nhvh more, and Alsah must choose colors fit the form her face so as not to give paler her face, ladies possess more than the color of skin colors, as the skin colors ranging from brown to white and dark brown, and today we will review the most important things that must be taken into account by Her every skin in the selection of her clothes that match the color of her skin. Dark-skinned owners: owners can blacks choose clothes with bold and that shines out, dark skin colors, including turquoise color and color Foch and red. Skinned and dark: these people are the luckiest in the possibility of wearing all the colors of all grades, because most of the colors suit their skin and do not affect them much, and they do not need to wear light in order to lighten the color of their skin, and also that all the colors match the dark-skinned However, the black color is not to be worn be successful for owners of blacks, as the black color increases the Browning blacks, unlike whites, which is where the black color of the most beautiful colors. The dark skin suit with warm colors and the most important of which, golden color, dark red, orange, dark green, and we find that the experts of fashion and beauty always what advised the ladies choose the right color of her skin in clothes and make-up, so the make-up must be consistent with the clothing and in this case may not use colors that do not fit in the clothes with dark-skinned in a make-up.

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