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London London is one of the most important cities on earth it was the capital of the state which the sun never sets and remained the capital of the United Kingdom so rich in London with many attractions and destinations that lie splendor in a way unique to the way English construction, which highlights the palaces or castles and the various buildings of this city, but by the content of cultural, historical and scientific legacy that is what it contains London museums and multiple scattered in various Onhaiha is concerned with all of them in a particular aspect, in addition to all of this is not to forget that in addition to the tradition that they contain to Wendt, they also contain a prominent technology developed in many buildings or places or even at all locations with this technology, it does not affect the tradition enjoyed by Bandn so they combine these two sides which gives tourist splendor and beauty of unique on a global level. The most popular tourist destinations in London Among the most famous tourist destinations which is famous in London is Big Ben, which is the third longest clock towers in the world and official reference to the timing around the world and is a Big Ben at Westminster Palace, a palace which is every sense of the parliament who shall members of parliament meeting in which it is a O'kd largest and parliament buildings at the global level Faihoa nearly one thousand and two hundred room. As one of the other buildings in London, which is an example of a model architecture unique in the world is the Tower of London or the Palace and the Castle of Her Majesty, one of the historic castles in London, which is located on the bank of the River Thames in the heart of London, which was built in the last third of the atheist-century England . Museums in London and in addition to this London has many museums Latte has a history of hundreds of years within it, including the Royal Air Force Museum, which contains the most famous British fighter is one of the precious gems in this city, and museums also Victoria and Albert Museum, which contains millions artifacts that have been collected from around the world, but one other famous museums, the British Museum is the largest United Kingdom and oldest museums and has a cut represent human history. London Eye The other masterpieces in London are the London Eye which is a big tourist wheel was opened in 2000 and reveal the occupants splendor tourist places in London who shall thousands of tourists and visitors onboard a day to enjoy the various areas of London, and to move in London could ride in the famous bus on worldwide, a London bus or Root Master is a double-decker bus shall be deemed a unique means of transport, which is characterized by London at a global level

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