Alzumba benefits of dance for slimming

Alzumba is dance or fitness of the Latin America program and specifically from Colombia was invented by a man named Betoperez and that was in 1990, Zomba is a trademark owned by Zumba Fitness. There are about fifteen million people trained to Zumba fitness program in fourteen thousand place to train Fimih eighty countries, and is considered the United States a more country in the world where the Zumba fitness program. The lessons Zomba is usually about an hour of rhythmic dance, and is training by licensed trainers by Zumba Fitness, and include exercises music with the rhythms of fast and slow, and the music is taken from the following dance styles: Cumbia, salsa and merengue, and mambo, and flamenco, and cha-cha, and the father, and soca and samba, and hip-hop music, and tango music Axe different sports movements, there are nine different types of dance by different categories according to age and effort. Way Alzumba adopt this dance on a light and gentle heating through quiet music, and then the music starts slowly escalate with an increase in rhythmic movements by increasing the music, and then dance Quick movements begin and navigate among them, such as dance rumba and cha-cha and other dances Alzumba within the program. Types Alzumba normal Alzumba programs, a basic program. Golden Alzumba a program that is very complex and it is not for the elderly and for beginners. Zomba Altonic a severe program and aims to body sculpting process through Alzumba stick, which is used like light weights during exercise. Aqua Zumba, a wonderful Zomba programs and is usually in the pool with the movements and rhythms of music. Zomba Kidder, a mild and gentle program for children between the ages of four to fourteen years. Zomba ring which is an exercise for half an hour to be with the necessary movements devices. Benefits Alzumba dancing improves mood and liquidate mind. Increase self-confidence. Reduce the stress caused by work. Make a person feel happy being lifted hormone endorphin blood. Stretch the muscles of the body. Improvement of facial features and make it more freshness and improve circulation. Improve cardiovascular health. Increases the body's oxygen and thus lighten skin color. Help your mind and body to work in the best way and consistency. Alzumba benefits of dance for slimming Alzumba dance for an hour to burn six hundred calories and thus access to the ideal body if they are to continue Alzumba for another program. Have a great interest in the tummy and burn fat accumulated it in record time. Raises metabolic rates and thus to obtain a consistent and curvaceous body. Make a person feel comfortable when making dance exercises Alzumba and therefore not to drop out of exercise and fatigue, and that makes it has a continuous weight is not interrupted. The dance is being the most moving parts of the body that result in loss of weight from all parts of the body.

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