10 Citations about fashion for famouse fashion designers in the world

1. Rachel Zoe: fashion is to express yourself without uttering a word.
2. Yves Saint Laurent: Throughout my years as a designer of fashion I know that the most important thing in clothing is worn by women.
3. Diana Vreeland: despise narcissism, but I loved the vanity.
4. Carrie Bradshaw: I would love to have my money in a place I can see him always, in my closet.
5. Ralph Lauren: Fashion is not necessarily related to trademarks, but relate to something else, it stems from the inside.
6. Betsey Johnson: women do not wear clothing for men, women wearing clothes for herself, and certainly for other women, and if the cause of women wearing clothes is what men wore anything, but Zlln naked all the time.
7. Gianni Versace: Do not be tempted to fashion, but you'll be a report from, and what you want, and through the clothes they wear, the way you live.
8. Bo Derek: The person who said that money can not buy happiness certainly did not know where he should go shopping.
9. Karl Lagerfeld: I am a person completely realistic, but my job requires to make this actually happier.
10. Coco Chanel: Fashion is not about clothes only. Fashion have an impact on everything, in the sky, in the street .. but that fashion should also pay attention with ideas, the way we live, and what is happening around us.

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