How to prepare Greek salad

Greek power is the Greek authority of the tastiest and most delicious authorities, which is one of the main starters in many countries, the Greek authority and named relative to Greece; because Greece is very famous for the preparation of the green power that can be eaten alone or with the main meals, and we will address in this article t [...]

Indian grilled meat

IngredientsLamb meat: 500 grams (minced)Tomatoes: 6 beads (peeled and cut into squares, large size)Onions: 2 tablets (minced sliced)Garlic: 6 cloves (minced sliced)Green pepper: 1 grain (finely sliced ​​lengthwise)Red pepper: 1 grain (finely sliced ​​lengthwise)Ginger: half a teaspoon (crunched)Hill: half a teaspoon (crunched)Blac [...]

How to prepare Indian sweets easy

Indian sweets easy varied methods of preparing sweets, which have become more prevalent in recent times, the multiplicity of ways people connect with each other, it is said that the cultures of the world have become known among its members, including sweets, which are almost countless. Every country in the world known for several types of [...]

Modus operandi fast and easy to eat

Modus operandi fast and easy to prepare daily table eating may take a lot of time, especially that of women in the current time it has several responsibilities, including the work, which limits her time at home, and sometimes women need to rest without bothering to spend a long time in the kitchen to prepare meals food daily, and there is [...]

7 things to avoid do after a meal

7 things to avoid do after eating too much of the wrong practices that do it a lot of people having taken up breakfast or lunch and harm their health a lot and some of them believe that a meal certain is that he granted himself a total of Alamaadan elements but everything goes vain just a simple behavior, so we have to know what these act [...]

The modus operandi of oat soup with tomatoes

The amounts of the modus operandi of oat soup with tomatoes:½ cup oats3 tablespoons tomato pasteChicken cubicCup waterA little parsley for garnishSalt, to tasteBlack pepper to tasteAction oat soup with tomatoes Method:Boil the water and add to the broth and black pepper and tomato paste.Add the oats and leave to cook, stir the soup [...]

Mexican fish fillet with nuts .. full way

The amounts of the Mexican fish fillet with nuts:500 g fish filletCups flour½ teaspoon black condimentTeaspoon garlic powder½ teaspoon salt½ cakes crunched½ cup coconut2 large teaspoon hot sauce150 g decent cooking½ cup vegetable oilThe modus operandi of the Mexican fish fillet with nuts:Place in a bowl [...]